Toxicology Unit


Most of the requests received by the toxicology unit are for the analysis of blood and/or urine from drivers of motor vehicles.  The unit is able to detect the presence of ethyl alcohol or drugs which may have caused impairment in driving ability. In addition, the Louisiana Implied Consent Law (LRS 32:661-669) commissions the unit, through the Department of Public Safety and Corrections, to conduct the blood alcohol testing and toxicology testing programs throughout state. Members of the toxicology unit provide instruction and certification to analysts and equipment in laboratories in Louisiana used in the analysis of forensic testing.

Other areas of analysis:

  • Testing on bodily fluids submitted in coroner’s investigations, and on poisons, or other suspect chemicals used in criminal activity

The Rules and Regulations for breath and blood alcohol and toxicology testing may be found in the "Louisiana Register."


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