The Louisiana State Police Crime Laboratory maintains the Louisiana State DNA Database, which operates as a part of the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System (CODIS).  CODIS is the FBI’s support program for criminal justice DNA databases and databasing software.  In accordance with state law, any individual arrested or convicted for a felony (or other specified offense) is required to have a DNA sample taken and stored in the state CODIS database for the purposes of assisting in criminal investigations, the identification of missing persons, and in deterring and detecting recidivist acts.

The Louisiana CODIS Database is also comprised of DNA profiles obtained from crime scene evidence and unidentified human remains.  These specimens are periodically searched against the known DNA profiles already existing in the database in an attempt to provide investigative leads for law enforcement agencies.  DNA Data is also periodically uploaded to the National CODIS Database to be searched against DNA profiles from the other 49 states, as well as the Federal Government and Puerto Rico.

There are also five local law enforcement-affiliated DNA laboratories in Louisiana that upload crime scene evidence profiles to the Louisiana CODIS Database.  The LSPCL CODIS Unit serves as the liaison between these laboratories and the FBI for CODIS-related purposes.