• Be a United States Citizen.
  • Have a minimum of:
    1. Two (2) years of experience as a Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certified peace officer in a full-time position, whose job duties include armed duty with the power of arrest, (jailer/correctional officer experience does not qualify); or
    2. A minimum of sixty (60) semester hours from an accredited college or university, (must provide transcript or degree); or
    3. Any two (2) year combination of Options 1 and 2 above, whereby thirty (30) semester hours will be equivalent to one (1) year of experience; or
    4. Three (3) years of continuous active military duty in the United States Military, (must provide a DD-214 or letter from current commanding officer verifying service), effective October 1, 2001.
  • Be of good moral character.
  • Pass a written examination with a competitive score.
  • Undergo a physical agility evaluation, including a drug screen.
  • Pass an extensive background investigation, including a polygraph examination.
  • Pass an oral interview.
  • Pass a thorough medical examination.
  • Possess a valid Louisiana driver's license at time of selection.
  • Successfully complete the required State Police Training Academy program.



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