Emergency Services


Emergency Services Unit

The Louisiana State Police (LSP), Emergency Services Unit (ESU), is the primary agency in the state of Louisiana with both the regulatory and statutory authority for hazardous material and explosives. Each unit conducts enforcement activities that are supported by either administrative or criminal provisions within each set of regulations.

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Crisis Response Command

The Crisis Response Command is comprised of the Emergency Operations Center, the Headquarters Consolidated Communications Unit, and Mobile Command Posts. The Crisis Response Command provides the highest level of operational support to all sections of the Louisiana State Police, as well as local, state, and federal agencies.


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Special Weapons and Tactics

The Louisiana State Police Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team is composed of three 21-member tactical Platoons and three 7-member Crisis Negotiation Squads based on geographic area. Troopers in LSP SWAT serve in addition to their regular Troop/Section assignments. LSP SWAT is responsible for responding to incidents that are beyond the capabilities of traditional law enforcement, using specialized equipment, weapons, and tactics.


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