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Effective 01/08/2024, Cadets now enjoy an entrance rate of $56,000 annually, $59,410.40 upon successfully completing the Field Training Officer (FTO) Program, and $61,192.71 after one year of service.
  • Beginning salary of $4,666 per month while attending the Academy.
  • After completion of the FTO Program, a salary of $4,950.86 per month.
  • After one year, a salary of at least $5,099.39* per month.

*Extra duty and overtime opportunities available.

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Additional Benefits

  • Monthly expense account for uniform maintenance
  • Provided uniforms, weapons, and equipment
  • Individually assigned patrol cars with off-duty use
  • Comprehensive medical and retirement benefits
  • Troopers belonging to a reserve component of the armed forces and placed on active military duty are granted up to 15 days leave with pay per year and are entitled to leave without pay should longer periods of active duty be necessary.
  • Active Duty Service members in training receive an additional approximate monthly allowance of $1,700 through the GI Bill.
  • GI Bill for National Guard/Reservists while in training receive an additional $400/month.
  • Meals and lodging are included for cadets in training.
  • All hours worked over regular working hours are compensated at the rate of time and one-half.
  • Troopers have the opportunity to supplement their income by working off-duty details.
  • Troopers may also be qualified for the U.S. Department of Education’s Public Service Loan Forgiveness program for student loans.

Leave & Medical

  • Flexible benefit plans with pre-tax deductions 
  • Medical, dental, vision, life, cancer, and disability plans available
  • Partial state payment for group life and health insurance
  • Accrual of vacation and sick leave at an hourly rate


Louisiana State Police Retirement System

Discover the comprehensive retirement benefits awaiting members of the Louisiana State Police. 

The Department offers an excellent retirement package for its employees based on maximum salary, age of the employee, and years of service. Each year of service earns troopers 3.333% of their final average salary, including transferred service.

The table below shows the retirement benefits based on the retirement formula and eligibility criteria for years of service:

Years of Service Age Benefit Amount
12 55 39.99% of final average salary
20* Any 66.66% of final average salary
25 Any 83.33% of final average salary
30 Any 99.99% of final average salary

*Actuarially Reduced Benefit, Not Eligible for Back-DROP or IBO

Average Compensation:

  • Average compensation refers to the average annual earned compensation of a member over the highest 60 months of successive employment or, in cases of interrupted service, the highest 60 successive months of joined employment.

Louisiana Public Employees Deferred Compensation Plan

Troopers have the option to join the Louisiana Public Employee Deferred Compensation Plan, which serves as a supplementary retirement savings avenue alongside the Louisiana State Police retirement system. Through this plan's pre-tax saving benefits, investment opportunities, and planning resources, individuals can work towards enhancing their retirement income earned from LSPS, ensuring financial stability throughout their retirement years.

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