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Drug Analysis unit


The primary role of the Drug Analysis Section of the State Police Crime Laboratory is to analyze evidence for the presence or absence of controlled dangerous substances using various analytical instrumentation, microscopes, and chemical tests. Other roles include preparing K-9 training aids for training LSP narcotic canines and assisting the Louisiana Legislature with drug legislation language.

Each Forensic Scientist in the section works independently and is responsible for analyzing and interpreting data from all exhibits in a case. All conclusions are formalized in a written report and submitted for use in a court of law. Each Forensic Scientist may testify as an expert witness in a court of law about all evidence that is analyzed in a case.

Evidence submitted to the Drug Section includes but is not limited to powders, liquids, plant material, syringes, spoons, food items, smoking devices, contraband, etc. The top five drugs encountered in the Drug Section are methamphetamine, marijuana, fentanyl, cocaine, and heroin. As the drug world continues to evolve and expand, the Drug Section is encountering more synthetic drugs in multiple drug classes such as various synthetic hallucinogens, benzodiazepines, stimulants, opioids, cannabinoids, etc. The Drug Section continues to be up for the challenge to handle these changes and support agencies that rely on our service.


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