Police Logistical Services

Fleet Operations

The Louisiana State Police Fleet Operations manages a fleet of over 2,400 vehicles for Public Safety Services. Its personnel order new vehicles, install additional equipment, and issue the vehicles. The equipment in a new police car includes a 700 MHz radio, radar, in-car video camera, protective cage and all emergency lighting.

To keep the cars running, Fleet Operations personnel perform repairs and routine maintenance. The Headquarters Fleet Garage in Baton Rouge is the main facility charged with performing most major repairs, including body work following a crash. Nine satellite garages throughout the state handle routine maintenance and repairs.

Fleet Operations personnel negotiate contracts and make purchases to keep the Headquarters Fleet Parts Room, as well as the nine satellite garages, properly stocked. An adequate supply of tires, fan belts, light bulbs and batteries is a staple in any garage. A more extensive inventory is critical to keep a large fleet operating around the clock 365 days per year.

Police Supply

The Police Supply Unit provides equipment to approximately 1,300 state troopers and Department of Public Safety police officers. Everything from the unique boot-shaped badge that represents the Louisiana State Police to the weapons that the officers use to defend themselves is issued by this unit.

Maintaining the necessary supplies for so many officers is a never-ending task. Uniforms, hats, jackets, raincoats, ballistic vests, and reflective vests are just a few of the items that must be available for distribution. Prior to placing an order, Police Supply personnel evaluate new equipment and write specifications for each item. This unit serves as the department's liaison with vendors and must stay abreast of the latest innovations in everything from uniform material to weapons.

The armory and its security rests within this unit's responsibilities. The department issues the Glock .40 or 9mm pistols and the Remington 870 shotgun to each officer. A supply of specialized weapons, such as rifles, must also be maintained.

The Police Supply Unit is also responsible for the department's property control and accountability program. Each officer's career begins here with the issuance of equipment, and ends here with the return of equipment upon his completion of service with the Louisiana State Police.