Photo Lab


The Photo Lab provides copies of photographs of vehicle crashes investigated by the State Police. All photographs provided are 8 X 10. All photographs are shipped via the U.S. Postal Service only.

There are three pricing plans:

  1. Purchase all photographs from a crash. Cost of each photograph is $10.00. You will also receive a CD containing all photographs.
  2. Purchase a proof sheet, which contains thumbnails of all photographs. Cost of the proof sheet is $10.00 per page. Each page holds 40 thumbnails. You may then select individual photographs for purchase at a cost of $15.00 each. You will receive a CD containing only the photographs that you purchased.
  3. Purchase crash photos online (except fatality crashes).

To request photos of a crash:

  1. Wait 15 working days after the crash before submitting a request for photos.
  2. For mail in requests, download the Crash Request Form and complete SECTION III (Request for Photos).
  3. Submit the form to the LSP Crime Lab Photo Lab. You may use one of the following options.
    1. Submit by fax: 225-925-4401
    2. Submit by mail:
      Office of State Police
      Photo Lab, D-3
      PO Box 66614
      Baton Rouge, LA 70896
    3. Submit by e-mail:
    4. Call the Photo Lab at: 225-925-3518
  4. Following your request for photos, we will respond with a price quote and instructions regarding payment. After we receive payment, we will ship the photos to you.
  5. Crash photos can be purchased online through "LSP Statewide Crash Reports and Photos".

For questions, please contact the Photo Lab at 225-925-3518 or by e-mail at

For information regarding Crash Reports, please contact the Traffic Records Unit.


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