Protective Services Unit

The mansion for the Governor of Louisiana

General Information

The Protective Services Unit is under the direct command of the Superintendent of the Louisiana State Police. Protective Services is a unique section that allocates manpower based on the needs of the current Governor.

Protective Services is responsible for the safety and security of the Governor and the Governor's immediate family. Additionally, Protective Services provides security details to the Lieutenant Governor and other dignitaries at the Governor's request. Protective Services also assists in protecting the President of the United States when requested by the Secret Service and further provides protection and logistics for visiting Governors and leaders from other states and countries.

Louisiana State Police troopers and Department of Public Safety officers are assigned to the Governor's Mansion 24 hours a day, year-round, and are responsible for the physical protection of the Mansion and its grounds. Protective Services also has a detail assigned to the Louisiana State Capitol overseeing the day-to-day physical security operations at the Governor's office in the Capitol.

History of Louisiana State Police Protective Services

The first known Protective Services Unit in Louisiana was established during the era of Governor Huey Long in 1932. The first Protective Service Agents came from the Bureau of Identification. They served under the command of Superintendent E.P. Roy. The agency merged with the Department of Highway Patrol in 1936 to form the "Louisiana Department of State Police." In 1942 the Louisiana Legislature abolished the Department of State Police and made it a division of the newly created "Department of Public Safety."

Prior to 1988, protection for the Governor and the First Family was not statutorily mandated and was at the discretion and direction of the Governor. In 1988 Louisiana passed legislation specifically addressing the safety of the Governor and the Governor's family. Louisiana Revised Statue 40:1399 directs the Louisiana State Police to provide protection for the Governor and First Family.