Internal Affairs

In 1972 the Louisiana State Police created the Office of Internal Affairs to investigate complaints against employees of the Department of Public Safety.

The mission of Internal Affairs is to protect the integrity of the department by ensuring compliance with the highest ethical standards, performance criteria,  and commitment to public service. Internal Affairs thoroughly and impartially investigates complaints of employee misconduct. Additionally, Internal Affairs investigates the background of Department of Public Safety applicants to ensure that only the best candidates are considered for employment. Internal Affairs compiles information that assists in identifying trends, patterns, problem areas, and other improprieties by the department's employees.

Other duties of the Internal Affairs section include investigating, as requested, the background of the Governor's appointees and the employees of other agencies, and coordinating the activities of the promotion board.

The State Police accepts all complaints against the Department of Public Safety's employees. To file a complaint, contact the Office of Internal Affairs or the Troop Commander in the respective areas. The agency compiles an annual statistical summary report based on records taken from Internal Affairs investigations. The annual statistical report is available to the public as well as to agency employees upon their written request.

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