Professional Standards & Compliance

The Professional Standards & Compliance (PS&C) Section was created in 2022 within the Superintendent’s Office to oversee, coordinate, and implement the numerous opportunities for growth, advancement, and enhancement revealed to our agency through our ongoing assessments and evaluations.  The Professional Standards & Compliance Section seeks to build a unified organizational vision that is focused on 21st Century Policing principles such as procedural justice, fair and impartial policing, de-escalation, and community engagement.  Below are some of the initiatives that PS&C is actively implementing:

  • Community Engagement: Creating a written policy around community engagement and developing a robust community engagement plan to ensure that the Louisiana State Police is actively engaging with the citizens of Louisiana.
  • Internal Affairs: Improving the transparency and accessibility of the complaint process to ensure that all complaints are thoroughly investigated and resolved in a timely manner.
  • Use of Force: Incorporating additional de-escalation concepts into the use of force policy and strengthening the use of force review process to ensure that force is only used when necessary and in a manner consistent with best practices.
  • Crisis Intervention: Updating crisis-related policies to reflect best practices, LSP training, and operational changes to ensure that troopers are equipped to handle crisis situations effectively.
  • Fair & Impartial Policing (Stops, Searches & Arrests): Developing a comprehensive stop, search, and arrest policy that exceeds constitutional standards and is consistent with contemporary or recommended practices. This includes ensuring that the policy adequately addresses legal and philosophical reasons that support policing in a manner that promotes legitimacy and procedural justice.
  • Organizational Culture, Leadership & Professional Development: Reevaluating the five-year strategic plan and identifying specific indicators for community engagement, minority trooper recruitment, trooper, and leadership development, and annual mandatory reporting on traffic stops that includes racial and gender demographics, probable cause, search, and arrest outcomes.
  • Recruitment, Hiring, Promotion & Retention: Developing an organization's Recruitment Policy and Plan to ensure that the LSP hiring and promotion selection tools are valid and reliable.
  • Officer Wellness & TEAP: Updating policies to reflect national best practices, LSP training, and operational changes. The Trooper Employee Assistance Program (TEAP) is being strengthened to reflect the required protocols.
  • Early Intervention Systems: Updating the EWIS Policy, specifically indicating that the purpose of the EWIS is non-disciplinary. Upgrading the reporting and documentation processes for EWIS trigger events.
  • Training & Academy: Conducting a systematic needs assessment that informs an Annual or Biennial Training Plan and enhancing the FTO Program.
  • Technology & Data Collection Resources: Developing and adopting an organization-wide IT Strategic Plan to align technology modernization and data collection priorities.

The Professional Standards & Compliance Section is implementing foundational building blocks to advance organizational transformation and implement structural changes that will be essential for these initiatives to be sustained for decades to come.  

For more information about the PS&C Section, email [email protected]