Gaming Enforcement Division - Gaming Audit and Casino Technical Support

The Division's Audit and Casino Technical Section performs its responsibilities through four separate units: Compliance Audit, Corporate Securities, Operations, and Casino Technical.

Compliance Audit Unit

The Compliance Audit Unit conducts compliance audits on each of the twenty casinos to ensure compliance with all laws, administrative rules, and the casino's internal controls.

Corporate Securities Unit

The Corporate Securities Unit performs financial suitability investigations to aid the Gaming Control Board in their role of approving new casino licenses, renewal of casino licenses, and approval of financial transactions conducted by licensees, the casino operator, and their affiliate companies.

Audit Operations Unit

The Audit Operations Unit includes two groups: Video Poker and Internal Controls/New Games and New Equipment (ICC). The Video Poker group conducts fuel sale audits of truck stops licensed to operate video draw poker devices, tracks the daily video poker revenues, ensures accurate billing and collection of video poker fees, and ensures accurate reporting of casino revenues and the related fees.

The ICC group reviews and approves all internal controls, new games, new gaming equipment, new gaming-related equipment, chips, tokens, cards, and dice.

Casino Technical Unit

The Casino Technical Unit performs all testing, certifications, and compliance checks on electronic gaming devices (EGD), monitoring systems, and other equipment used in casino gaming operations. The unit also assists the ICC group in its review of new gaming technology. The Unit authorizes all shipments of EGDs in and out of Louisiana and the placement of EGDs on the casino floors.