Gaming Enforcement Division - Administrative Support & Indian Gaming Section

Corporate Investigations Unit

The Corporate Investigations Unit conducts licensing investigations to determine the suitability of all corporate casino and gaming supplier applicants.

Video Poker

The Truck Stop Investigations Unit conducts licensing investigations to determine the suitability of all video poker truck stop license applicants. They also investigate and enforce violations of state gaming law, administrative rules, and regulations as it relates to video poker truck stop licenses.

The Video Poker Technical Support Unit monitors and ensures all licensed Video Poker devices are communicating with the required state central monitoring system in Baton Rouge. They also ensure the gaming industry complies with storage, transfers, and placement of video poker devices. Lastly, they review new video poker gaming technologies and devices for compliance with applicable Louisiana laws and rules and provides investigative assistance in terms of technological data.

Administrative Support Unit staff is responsible for the intake and for processing of gaming applications at headquarters.

Indian Gaming Unit

The Indian Gaming Unit is also under the purview of the Administrative Support & Indian Gaming Section. The sovereignty of the Indian lands places the need for special attention to be given to the Indian Gaming establishments to ensure the Division continues operating as to the agreements stipulated in the compacts. These signed tribal compacts empower the Division's Indian Gaming personnel to co-regulate the gaming industry on Indian reservations. The Troopers/Investigators assigned to the Indian Gaming establishments are charged with preventing organized crime and other criminal elements from infiltrating and corrupting games of chance on Indian land. The Division oversees the gaming operations which require it to approve all types of games, rules of play, certify all gaming employees, certify all casino vendors, and enforce criminal statutes on the gaming floor. Presently, three Indian casinos are in operation - Cypress Bayou Casino Resort in Charenton, Paragon Casino Resort in Marksville, and Coushatta Casino Resort in Kinder.