Insurance Fraud / Auto Theft Unit


The Insurance Fraud / Auto Theft Unit is responsible for investigating referrals of suspected fraudulent insurance acts; assisting federal and local law enforcement in the investigation of fraudulent insurance acts; cooperating with local prosecutors and the attorney general's office in the prosecution of fraudulent insurance acts; and promoting awareness of insurance fraud throughout the state. Additionally, the Unit is responsible for the investigation of individuals and illicit organizations involved in the theft of motor vehicles.

Contact Us / Report Insurance and Auto Theft

If you have any knowledge of a fraudulent scheme or the location of a stolen vehicle, report the activity to the Louisiana State Police by:

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 225-925-3536
Fax: 225-925-6707

Louisiana State Police
Bureau of Investigation
Insurance Fraud Unit
7919 Independence Blvd, Box A-19
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Map: View IFAT Unit Map

Field Office: Alexandria
Phone Number: 318-484-2171
Sergeant's E-Mail: [email protected]

Field Office: Baton Rouge
Phone Number: 225-922-1573
Sergeant's E-Mail: [email protected]

Field Office: Bossier City
Phone Number: 318-741-2787
Sergeant's E-Mail: [email protected]

Field Office: Breaux Bridge
Phone Number: 337-332-8062
Sergeant's E-Mail: [email protected]

Field Office: Monroe
Phone Number: 318-741-2787
Sergeant's E-Mail: [email protected]

Field Office: New Orleans
Phone Number: 504-310-7069
Sergeant's E-Mail: [email protected]


Red Flags of Insurance Fraud

  • Staged accidents, such as intentional sideswiping or cars that cut in front of other vehicles, forcing collisions due to quick stops
  • Individuals that try to get you to leave the scene of an accident without calling the police or obtaining a police report
  • Individuals that report damage as vandalism in an attempt to cover deliberate or previous damage to one's own property
  • Individuals that make a false stolen vehicle claim to cover previous damage to a vehicle or to dispose of the vehicle
  • Individuals that inflate genuine claims to cover a policy deductible
  • Individuals that attempt to convince you that "everybody is getting rich," so you may as well try to get additional money also
  • Individuals that intentionally cause damage to their residence, personal property, or vehicle
  • Individuals that approach others to recruit them to participate in an intentional or staged vehicle crash
  • An explanation of healthcare benefits that contains documentation of medical treatment for which you did not receive
  • Companies that attempt to supply individuals with unnecessary or excessive amounts of medical or healthcare supplies and services
  • Individuals that provide the wrong date or time of the loss to ensure policy coverage
  • Individuals who wrongly add additional occupants of vehicles involved in a crash

What Can You Do?

  • Report inconsistencies to your insurance company or the insurance company asserting coverage over the loss.
  • Report evidence of insurance fraud or vehicle theft to the Louisiana State Police Insurance Fraud / Auto Theft Unit.

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