Troop G

General Information

Troop G is conveniently located in Bossier Parish at the intersection of Industrial Drive and Interstate 20. Troop G encompasses seven (7) individual Louisiana parishes. The following is a list of those parishes including their corresponding square miles and highway miles. (Note: Highway miles figures include all local roads, city streets interstates, and other state-maintained roadways within that specific parish).

Troop G area by Parish
Caddo 894 2224.48
Bossier 845 1294.14
Webster 602 1034.67
Claiborne 765 1079.33
Bienville 816 1046.82
DeSoto 717 1069.38
Red River 394 452.78
TOTAL 5033 8171.60

If while traveling through any of the above parishes, you wish to report a crash or need emergency assistance, you may contact the local law enforcement by dialing "9-1-1" or if you have a cellular phone, you may contact Troop G by dialing *LSP (*577).

Troop G is very proud to protect and serve the citizens of Louisiana, and we enthusiastically welcome visitors to our great state. If we can assist you in any way, or if you have questions concerning Troop G, please contact our Public Information Officer at (318) 741-7411.

Services Offered at Troop G

Physical Inspections and Trailer Stamps

Trailer Stamps and Physical Inspections are conducted at Troop G during normal business hours (8 am. To 4 pm.). There is no appointment necessary. Accommodations for field inspections can be made by contacting Troop G, (318-741-7411, Ext. 8) for immovable vehicles or inspections needed outside of regular business hours.

Physical Inspections are administrative in nature, verifying vehicle identification numbers for the Office of Motor Vehicle registration process. Vehicle paperwork recommended for the inspection includes title, bill of sale, or purchase/ownership paperwork. Please allow approximately 10 to 15 minutes per vehicle inspection.

Trailer Stamps can also be obtained at Troop G during normal business hours. The homemade trailer affidavit must be filled out and notarized prior to a trailer being stamped. The affidavit can be obtained by clicking here. Homemade trailers, by definition, are trailers built by, or for, the owner from scratch. When purchasing a trailer, ensuring the trailer has a preexisting vehicle identification number or serial number and title is recommended.

Child Passenger Seat Inspections

Troop G is a designated child passenger seat fitting station, and many of our Troopers are nationally certified child passenger seat technicians.

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading killer of children in the United States. Many injuries and deaths can be prevented by properly using car seats. With four out of five seats misused, certified technicians provide a valuable service to parents and caregivers concerned with safe transport for their most precious cargo.


To see more information and resources for parents, click here.

Louisiana Highway Safety Commission - Child Passenger Safety

To find a child passenger seat fitting station near you, click here.

Locations for Child Seat Fitting Stations by Parish


For more information, or to schedule an appointment for a child seat check, call:

Sgt. Scott Moreau
(318) 741-7409