LSP Changes and Initiatives

Building Trust

We are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of law enforcement and serving the people of Louisiana with integrity and professionalism. We will continue to work towards improving our agency and providing the best possible service to Louisiana.

Focus on Transparency

We have recently implemented a new policy aimed at ensuring the timely release of video evidence from critical incidents to the public. Under this policy, known as the Critical Incident Briefing Video (CIBV) Policy, video-recorded imagery of critical incidents involving Department personnel shall be released to the public within twenty-one (21) days of the incident. Additionally, the Superintendent has the authority to authorize the production of CIBVs for incidents that involve outside agencies.

Professional Standards and Compliance

The Professional Standards and Compliance (PS&C) Section was created in 2022 to oversee, coordinate, and implement the numerous opportunities for growth, advancement, and enhancement revealed to our agency through our ongoing assessments and evaluations.

PS&C is building a unified organizational vision through various initiatives focused on 21st Century Policing principles like fair and impartial policing, community engagement, and de-escalation. These initiatives include:

Training and Accountability

Improving Technology

We have launched a new website designed to enhance engagement with the citizens of Louisiana, while also providing a more user-friendly and intuitive online experience. New features include:

LSP is implementing a statewide E-citation Program, which will expedite the issuance of citations, reduce errors, and provide accurate and real time information, and will be used in conjunction with the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Mark 43 reporting system.

New Policies and Procedures

Force Investigation Unit (FIU)

In February 2022, FIU began its role as a statewide unit of specially trained detectives who investigate DPS-related use of force incidents including, but not limited to, officer-involved shootings, other deadly force, retaliatory force, and in-custody deaths.

Body Worn Camera Policy

Use of Force Policy