Registration Requirements 



Statutes detailing the requirements of Registered Sex Offenders
Statute Description
R.S. 15:541 Definitions
R.S. 15:542 Registration of sex offenders and child predators
R.S. 15:542.1 Notification of sex offenders and child predators
R.S. 15:542.1.1 In person periodic renewal of registration
R.S. 15:542.1.2 Duty of offenders to notify law enforcement of change of address, residence, or other registration information.
R.S. 15:542.1.3 Procedures for offenders convicted or adjudicated under the laws of another state, or military, territorial, foreign, tribal or federal law, Procedures for Louisiana offenders with out of state activities.
R.S. 15:542.1.4 Failure to Register and Notify as a sex offender or child predator, penalties.
R.S. 15:542.1.5 Duties of the Louisiana Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information
R.S. 15:543 Duties of the Courts, Sheriffs, Department of Public Safety and Corrections, and the Office of Juvenile Justice; informing the offender of the registration and notification requirements.
R.S. 15:543.2 Emergency Situations for Sex Offenders
R.S. 15:544 Duration of registration and notification period
R.S. 15:544.2 Registration and notification period and end date; determination; procedures
R.S. 14:91.2 Unlawful Presence of a Sex Offender
R.S. 14:91.5 Unlawful use of a social networking website
R.S. 14:91.9 Unlawful Presence or Contact of a Sex Offender Relative to a Former Victim
R.S. 14:313 Wearing of masks, hoods or other facial disguises in public places prohibited by sex offenders.
R.S. 14:313.1 Distributing candy or gifts on Halloween and other public holidays by sex offenders.
R.S. 15:551 Harboring or concealing a sexual offender, sexually violent predator, or child predator.
R.S. 15:553 Prohibition of Employment for certain sex offenders