Louisiana State Police Commence Inaugural Accelerated Academy for Certified Law Enforcement Officers

Published: 07-31-2022 | Category: Statewide

Louisiana State Police Commence Inaugural Accelerated Academy 
for Certified Law Enforcement Officers
Baton Rouge – This afternoon, 28 men and women embarked on the beginning of their career as a Louisiana State Police Trooper in the department’s first accelerated training program for POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) certified applicants.  Louisiana State Police Cadet Class 101 will be a 14-week accelerated academy comprised of cadets with a minimum of 2 years of full-time law enforcement experience.  Although accelerated in timeframe, the training will not be less in tradition or intensity ensuring each cadet is fully prepared for a career of public service to the citizens of Louisiana.  
The accelerated training program will include rigorous physical, mental, and academic challenges.  Cadets will receive advanced State Police training beyond POST requirements in the areas of firearm proficiency, tactical driving, defensive tactics, de-escalation techniques, advanced crash investigation, lawful use of force, implicit bias recognition, and LSP Core Values. 
While challenging, Day One for the Cadets is about taking the next step to serve our state.  To succeed in a career as a Louisiana State Trooper, cadets must first learn personal discipline, attention to detail, leadership, teamwork, and inner strength. Once they successfully complete each training course and practical application, they will graduate from the LSP Academy on November 4, 2022.
LSP has announced our next academy, LSP Cadet Class 102, as a traditional full length training academy for ALL qualified applicants.  Cadet Class 102 is anticipated to commence in February 2023 with an application deadline of October 17, 2022. 
Visit www.lsp.org/recruit.html for more information on the hiring process, qualifications, physical fitness standards, and frequently asked questions. For additional questions and information, please contact LSP Recruiters at LSPRecruiting@LA.gov.
For those applicants not meeting LSP minimum qualifications at this time, immediate positions are available within the Louisiana Department of Public Safety Police through the Louisiana State Civil Service System. Visit http://www.lsp.org/dps_police.html and http://www.civilservice.louisiana.gov for more information. 
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