Eli L. Smith
Sergeant Eli L. Smith
Troop D, Lake Charles
January 17, 1957

On Sunday, January 29, 1956, Sgt. Eli L. Smith sustained injuries in an automobile accident that culminated in his death on January 17, 1957.

The accident occurred on U.S. 90 in Calcasieu Parish at 4:45 p.m. Sgt. Smith was in pursuit of a speeding vehicle headed west on U.S. 90. According to reports, the speeding auto stuck a westbound vehicle as he attempted to pass, forcing it into Sgt. Smith's unit. Sgt. Smith was unable to avoid the collision. Both vehicles sustained heavy damage. Sgt. Smith suffered severe chest injuries, facial cuts, and injuries to his right hand. According to Sgt. Smith's physician, ". . . his general condition markedly deteriorated following an automobile accident in which he was involved January 29, 1956. Since that time, he has complained of severe pericardial pain and has had several heart attacks. The condition, which was undoubtedly aggravated by the accident, culminated in his death."

At the time of his death, Sgt. Eli L. Smith was 55 years old and had been with the State Police for fourteen years, two months, and thirty days.