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General Information

Louisiana State Police Troop N is located in the heart of New Orleans and is responsible for vehicle and foot patrols throughout the world famous French Quarter. The French Quarter draws visitors from all over the world who want to experience its award winning cuisine, jazz music and thriving nightlife. Because of its historical, cultural and economic importance to the City of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana a State Police detachment was assigned and Troop N was created.

French Quarter Map

The current Louisiana State Police presence in the French Quarter is not the first time a detachment was headquartered in the historic district. In 1936, Troop B Headquarters was located in the basement of the Civil Court building on Royal Street, bordered by Conti, St. Louis and Chartres Streets which is the current Supreme Court building. During WWII, Troop B was moved out of the French Quarter and into Jefferson Parish. Since the relocation of Troop B from the French Quarter, Orleans Parish has not been home to a Louisiana State Police Troop. In 2016, The Louisiana State Police gave the Troop N designation to the former New Orleans Criminal Enforcement Detail/French Quarter Public Safety Operation to provide a continuous and more permanent State Police presence in the French Quarter. While the Troop designation was new to Orleans Parish, it was not the first Troop N in the state of Louisiana. Troop N was initially opened in Crowley, LA in 1963 and provided State Police patrols in Acadia and Vermilion Parishes. The original Troop N was disbanded in 1969 due to budget cuts.

Because of our location and workload, Troop N has developed a distinct “flavor” and reputation apart from other Troops. While the nine patrol Troops located throughout the state provide coverage over large regions and are primarily responsible for highway patrol, crash investigation and criminal interdiction, Troop N focuses entirely on the French Quarter Neighborhood and Central Business District to provide safety and security for the residents, workers and millions of people who visit the historic district each year. Troop N focuses primarily on supporting and supplementing the New Orleans Police Dept.’s 8th District and routinely responds to calls for service assisting with a wide array of activities to include shootings, armed robberies, narcotics and prostitution. Troop N currently consists of 32 uniformed Troopers who maintain 24 hour coverage of the French Quarter. Troop N also has additional state police support when needed to supplement our uniform operations and to conduct undercover and follow-up investigations in and around the French Quarter.

The downtown area of New Orleans and the French Quarter are home to numerous large scale events throughout the year that include French Quarter Festival, Essence Festival, Southern Decadence Festival, Bayou Classic Football Game and New Year’s Eve Celebration. Troop N is responsible for coordinating State Police response to these events as well as the annual Mardi Gras celebration. In recent years, over 1 million people have flocked to New Orleans each year for parades and parties related to the annual Mardi Gras celebration. In early 2018 State Police presence in New Orleans swelled to over 170 Troopers who came to the city for the long Mardi Gras weekend. During Mardi Gras, State Police partner closely with the New Orleans Police Department and other local and federal agencies to ensure the safety of those who are visiting the city to take part in annual event.

Since its inception, Troop N has experienced a large amount of success from its dedicated team of Troopers. Since beginning operations in 2016 Troopers have responded to over 16,000 calls for service, made nearly 3700 arrests, including 1500 drug charges, seized 310 illegal firearms, recovered 230 stolen vehicles and apprehended numerous wanted fugitives to provide a safe environment for the people of the French Quarter.