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Troop C History

The Department of State Police, enacted by the Louisiana State Legislature on July 28, 1936, would eventually combine Troops C and M into one Troop.

Troop C of the Louisiana State Police was located in district 4 of the eleven districts that had been established in State Police. Under the leadership of Superintendent Karl Peterson, District 4 was comprised of Assumption, Lafourche, St. Mary and Terrebonne Parishes. The troop headquarters was located in Houma, LA. In 1957, it was determined that the eleven districts were unmanageable and were reduced into eight districts. In 1938, Captain William "Bill" Fakier assumed command of Troop C, which was now located in District 3, and its headquarters remained in Terrebonne Parish. In 1940, Captain Karl Peterson assumed the command and Troop C was relocated to Franklin, LA. It was housed at the St. Mary Parish jail and then the Franklin Town Hall. Eight different commanders led Troop C which was located in District 3. A permanent troop was erected between Baldwin and Franklin, and remains there today. The building is being utilized by the Tourist Commission.

Troop M of the Louisiana State Police was open in 1964, and was located in a converted two story house in Des Allemands, LA in Lafourche Parish. The troop was comprised of the following Parishes: Lafourche, Terrebonne, Assumption, the West banks of St. Charles, St. John, and St. James. Due to overcrowding, in 1971 Troop M moved to a converted doctor's office located in Raceland, LA in Lafourche Parish. This greatly reduced the geographic responsibilities of Troop C for the next nine years. In 1973, Troop M was closed and Troop C relocated to Raceland, LA.

Captain M. J. Waguespack served as Troop M Commander from April 1964 July 1973.

In 1977, Troop C moved to its present location in Gray, LA in Terrebonne Parish. Troop C has grown to fifty-five troopers covering a six parish area as compared to its inception when it had fewer than three troopers on a 24 hour watch.

In 2008, Troop C received heavy damage from Hurricane Gustav and went through an extensive overhaul. Construction began in late January of 2010 and was completed in May of 2010.

Commanders who served Troop C: Capt. William "Bill" Fakier (1938-1940), Capt. Karl Peterson (1940-1942), Capt. K.H. "Doc" Wright (1942-1948), Capt. Champ Yarborough (1948), Capt. L.D. Lupuis (1948-1949), Capt. T.S. "Tap" Gianfala (1949-1957), Capt. Carroll J. Ribiski (1957-1963), Capt. M.J. Waguespack (1963-1964), Capt. Aubrey A. Deslatte (1964-1970), Capt. William R. Lohr (1970-1973), Capt. C.R. Robinson (Oct. 1973-1976), Capt. R.J. Pichoff (1976-1987), Capt. Mark Zeringue (1987-2000), Capt. Ralph Mitchell Jr. (2000-2004), Capt. Val Penouilh (2004-2008), Capt. Darrin Naquin (2008-2016), Capt. Frank Besson (2016-Present)