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Weight Enforcement Unit (WEU)

Captain John Peters, Commander

Phone: (225) 925-6113
Fax: (225) 925-4048

WEU - History

In 1997, The Louisiana Legislature transferred the Mobile Weights and Standards Unit under the command of the Louisiana State Police. This enforcement function was formerly under the control of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development. The Weight Enforcement Unit is currently positioned with the Louisiana State Police Transportation Safety Services (TSS) comprised of Louisiana State Police Troopers and Louisiana Department of Public Safety Officers. The WEU is legislatively mandated to direct, coordinate, and control the activities of the Mobile Weight Enforcement Unit and Stationary Scales Division.

WEU Mobile Weight Enforcement Operations

The primary function of the Mobile Weight Enforcement (MWE) Unit is the protection of the motoring public and the highway infrastructures of the state of Louisiana. This is accomplished by ensuring that commercial vehicle traffic is in compliance with statutory provisions of laws regulating weight, size, and registration. Mobile Weight Enforcement Personnel have received additional training in Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations and the federal hazardous material regulations. MWE Personnel are divided among three (3) regions across the state.

Region 1 - Include the areas of Troops A, B, and L. Region 1 covers the major metropolitan areas of New Orleans and Baton Rouge, along with the suburban and rural parishes of Southeastern Louisiana. Contact Information: (225) 925-6113

Region 2 - Include the areas of Troops C, D, and I. Its territory covers the Acadiana Parishes, and stretches westward from the Atchafalaya Basin to the Louisiana/Texas state line. Major cities include Lafayette and Lake Charles. Contact Information: (337) 262-1637

Region 3 - Includes the areas of Troops E, F, and G. Its territory encompasses all parishes north of the Acadiana Parishes to the Arkansas state line and all parishes between Texas and Mississippi. Contact Information: (318) 741-2742

Stationary Scales Division (SSD)

Captain David Templeton, Commander

Phone: (225) 925-6113
Fax: (225) 925-4048

SSD History

In 2010, the Louisiana Legislature transferred the Stationary Scales Division (SSD) from the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development to the Louisiana State Police. SSD is a sub-section of the Weight Enforcement Unit (WEU) and works in tandem with the Mobile Weight Enforcement Unit to ensure compliance with existing Federal and State regulations related to weight, length, width, as well ensure all Oversized Loads are properly permitted as determined by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

SSD - Operations

The Stationary Scales Division (SSD) is positioned within the Louisiana State Police Weight Enforcement Unit (WEU) and is comprised of 14 fixed-site weigh stations located across the state on Interstate 10, Interstate 12, Interstate 20, Interstate 55 and Louisiana State Highway 12.

The primary function of the fixed-site weigh stations is to protect the motoring public as well as Louisiana's infrastructure. To accomplish these goals, personnel assigned to these site utilize weigh-in-motion (WIM) technology, variable message signs, Pre-Pass and Drivewyze to help ensure industry compliance with applicable Federal and State Regulations.