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24 hour phone number for emergency contact of all PIO's: (225) 925-6536

Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Unit was re-established in 1996 when it was recognized that there was a need for a strong and viable public information and safety education program within the Louisiana State Police. Assigned the responsibility of ensuring that the media and the general public remain informed, Public Information Officers (PIOs) greatly improve the State Police's image as well as the public's understanding of what our organization does. PIOs are responsible for all departmental aspects related to media relations, public relations and public education. PIOs serve as the official spokespersons for the Louisiana State Police. Various programs targeted at educating children, parents and the general public have fostered a positive relationship with local communities, and have demonstrated that Troopers do much more than merely enforce traffic and criminal laws.

PIOs are available upon request to discuss numerous topics which affect public safety including:

  • Impaired Driving
  • Distracted Driving
  • Seatbelts and Child Safety Seats
  • Motorcycle/ATV Safety
  • Personal Safety
  • Internet Safety
  • Drivers Education
  • Firearm Safety
  • Destructive Decisions
  • LSP Static Displays
  • Recruiting

Public Affairs Unit personnel, including supervisors, are certified as child passenger safety technicians/instructors by the National Highway Transportation Safety Association. Each Patrol Troop operates as a certified child passenger safety checkup station. The Public Affairs Unit PIOs coordinate/participate in at least one passenger safety checkup event every month.

Through the development and use of various safety campaigns, the Department has received recognition by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA), the International Association of Chief's of Police (IACP) Chief's, and the United Safety Education Officers (USEOW) workshop.

Public Affairs Staff

Captain J.B. Slaton
Public Affairs / Recruiting Commander
Phone: (225) 925-6202
Fax: (225) 925-3717
Lt. Nick Manale
Public Affairs Supervisor
Phone: (225) 925-6202
Fax: (225) 925-3717
Lt. Patrick Jackson
Executive Officer / Recruiting Coordinator
Phone: (225) 925-6202
Fax: (225) 925-3717
Sgt. Jared L. Sandifer
Supervisor - Region 1
(HQ, Troops A, B, C, I, L)
Phone: (225) 925-6202
Fax: (225) 925-3717
Sgt. James Anderson
Supervisor - Region 2
(Troops D, E, F, G)
Phone: (337) 491-2932
Fax: (337) 491-2058
Sgt. Melissa Matey
Recruiting/Education Supervisor
Phone: (225) 925-6202
Fax: (225) 925-3717

Tpr. Taylor Scrantz
Troop A
Phone: (225) 754-8524
Fax: (225) 925-3717
Tpr. Monroe Dillon
Troop B
Phone: (504) 471-2780
Fax: (504) 471-2784
S/T Jesse LaGrange
Troop C
Phone: (985) 857-3680
Fax: (985) 857-3679
Tpr. Derek Senegal
Troop D
Phone: (337) 491-2519
Fax: (337) 491-2058
M/T Scott Moreau
Troop E
Phone: (318) 487-5915
Fax: (318) 487-5010
M/T Michael Reichardt
Troop F
Phone: (318) 345-2810
Fax: (318) 362-5198
Tpr. Brent Hardy
Troop G
Phone: (318) 741-7411
Fax: (318) 741-7414
TFC Thomas Gossen
Troop I
Phone: (337) 262-5880
Fax: (337) 262-5685
S/T Dustin Dwight
Troop L
Phone: (985) 893-6250
Fax: (985) 893-6252