Security Window Tint Exemption Rules


The following non-exclusive list of persons, or entities, shall be eligible for a security exemption from the provisions of R.S. 32:361.1:
               i.       private investigators;
              ii.       bail enforcement agents;
             iii.       railroad police officers;
             iv        Louisiana peace officers, P.O.S.T. certified and sworn;
              v.       elected or appointed public officials;

f.   Security Exemption Criteria
               i.       Vehicle must be:
(a).  properly licensed, insured and registered, all in Louisiana; and
(b).  owned or leased by an applicant

g. Security Exemption Affidavit
               i.       An individual seeking exemption to window tint restrictions can obtain a security exemption affidavit form at the Department Headquarters, any Motor Vehicle field office or via the World Wide Web by accessing
              ii.       The security exemption affidavit must be complete, sworn and subscribed in the presence of a Notary Public. The security exemption affidavit must include:
(a).  applicant's name
(b).  address, city, state and zip code;
(c).  vehicle description (year, make, model);
(d).  vehicle identification number (VIN);
(e).  vehicle license plate number;
(f).   need, reason or explanation for exemption; and
(g).  signature of applicant

h. Security Exemption Process
               i.       A completed Security Exemption Affidavit must be mailed to the Department Headquarters Office, P.O. Box 66614, Mail Slip 26, Baton Rouge, LA 70896-6614. Security Exemption Affidavits will be reviewed and subsequently approved or disapproved by the department.
              ii.       Approved Security Exemption Affidavits will be returned to applicant.
             iii.       An applicant whose Security Exemption Affidavit is disapproved will receive written notification of that decision by U.S. Mail. The correspondence will outline the reason(s) for denial. An applicant may write a letter of rebuttal germane to the reason(s) for denial. Letters of rebuttal will be taken under advisement. Once a final determination of eligibility has been made, an applicant has no further recourse. The Department of Public Safety and Corrections may approve, disapprove, cancel or revoke exemptions for window tint restrictions as deemed appropriate.